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Providing On-Demand Services Through EMP-Survivable Infrastructure!

Ready for the One Year Blackout?  Space weather experts have changed their prediction of the effects of the 100 year solar storm from a week-long black out across the East Coast through Chicago to one that could easily be yearlong with restoration taking 4-10 years.  See the 2010 FERC report on EMP impact on electric grids. This prompted a March 2010 table top exercise sponsored by NOAA in Colorado followed by an emergency management bulletin nationwide.  This work formed the basis of the Shield Act, House Bill HR668, now proposed in the House and similar to the Grid Act that passed unanimously in the House in the last session. InfraGard has created a nationwide electromagnetic pulse (EMP) special interest group (SIG) to address these issues and organize help for local communities.

The Nation's Planning for a Long-term Blackout: the National Defense University (NDU), the US Congressional EMP Caucus and InfraGard hosted a one day planning workshop on Oct 3, 2011 at Ft. McNair in Washington, D.C.reviewing a high-impact space weather and EMP event.  NDU and NORTHCOM hosted a two-day table top exercise Oct 4-5, 2011 covering a low-impact nationwide space weather disaster.  NDU, InfraGard and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency hosted a planning workshop for a medium impact space weather scenario at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD on Oct 4, 2011.  All three scenarios were reviewed at a one day conference Oct 6, 2011 at the US Capitol Visitors Center with a preliminary release of a ground induced current test of a live electric grid by Idaho National Labs.  This test replicated effects of space weather event or the E-3 portion of a manmade high-altitude nuclear burst EMP scenario.  The Oct 3-6 events comprised the first comprehensive planning exercises on a long-term nationwide collapse of critical infrastructure with federal military and civilian organizations, state and local government, and, the private sector. The results were subsequently reviewed at the Dupont Summit 2011 on Dec 2, 2011.  Click here to listen to an interview by Dr. Pry of Dr. Richard Andres, Chairman of the NDU Energy and Environmental Program and Chuck Manto of IAN, LLC on the initial development and planning of the event.  See Presidential Policy Directive - 8 released April 2011 for details on emerging national planning and preparations. 

InfraGard launched a nationwide EMP special interest group (SIG) to explore these issues with critical infrastructure stakeholders. Panels of top experts are being formed to assist local chapters. The National Foreign Trade Council has encouraged their members to participate.  See their Aug/Sep 2011 issue of "Council Highlights" on p.12 for information.  See for announcements regarding post-conference reports. 

View or download our overview of the previous bill in the Daedalus Focus report, "Grid Act Impact".  Visit Google Books' reviews of the article.  We plan to have an updated article on the Shield Act soon.

There is also agreement that these events are qualitatively different in that the duration and geographic spread of the effects are far greater -- spanning months and areas across geographic regions as large as a continent.  In the case of a severe solar storm, it would most likely be a global event.  Manmade EMP can disrupt or damage interoperable communications systems required by first responders and controls needed by infrastructure. What technical systems survive eventually would stop working when their power systems fail from either manmade or natural EMP.  Simultaneous EMP impact on interdependent technology and infrastructure will create massive simultaneous cascading failures.

Do you manage a data center, a disaster recovery Nuclear blastsite or an emergency communications center?  Are you confident that your mission critical facility would survive an intentional electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack or super solar storm causing the loss of the power grid?  If not, then you should consider the admonition of the US Congressional EMP Commission, the Congressional Research Service, the Department of Defense and protect your critical assets from EMP.  The coalition of companies that comprise the Affiliated Market Partners (AMPs) of Instant Access Networks, LLC (IAN) can help you:

  • Evaluate your mission critical infrastructure in light of new threats
  • Assess your mission critical facility and ensure your interoperable systems stay operable
  • Protect your critical infrastructure from EMP
  • Assure compliance to fire codes and federal regulations
  • Help design your COOP plan to meet the NFPA 1600, the fire code for business continuity and NIST SP 800-39 for enterprise wide risk mgmt
  • Ensure that your 9-1-1 center survives EMP attack and meets NFPA 1221

Contact us to see how we may help you protect even the most robust mission critical facility or emergency communications center from disabling EMP.