Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Diamond Ring In Sydney?

The ring sizes of some of these are adjustable so that they can be worn by people of any gender and any size. Use the inside diameter (not the circumference) to determine your correct size.

If you already have a ring that is the right size for the finger or thumb, you plan to wear the new ring on, measure the inside diameter and see if it comes close to one of the sizes. But first, measure the ring’s inside diameter with a ruler (not the outer diameter).

Due to the handmade nature of our sterling silver rings, sizing may vary slightly; if in doubt, please order the next size up. Also, consider that your fingers may swell or shrink depending on the temperature, and use a ring that fits you well but needs to be snugger to use as a guide for the measurement.

Your ring should be snug enough to stay put when you shake hands but loose enough to slide over your knuckles. The catch is that your finger size varies with factors such as the time of day, the weather, and even your health (e.g., water retention immediately after exercise, arthritis, pregnancy).

For example, getting your finger measured in the morning on a cold winter day will yield a result that is half a size smaller than if you had it done in the evening on a warm summer day.

As a general rule of thumb, if the ring’s band is over half an inch wide, you should get the next size up. This is because a ring with a flat, wide band will “stick” to your finger more than once with a thin, round cross-section profile.

When Buying A Ring, How Do I Determine The Size?

We know it is complex to determine a person’s ring size from their clothing or any other identifying factor. However, the return or exchange shipping cost is on the house because we care that you enjoy using your new acquisition. Okay, so let’s begin!

No Cost Finger Measurement

We provide you with a card detailing the ring size that you can carry with you or, more importantly, slip into your partner’s wallet so they have the information when they next go shopping for that special occasion, as some stores offer a free consultation to measure your finger(s) so that you will be prepared next time you go shopping.

Locating Your Ring Size at Home

There are numerous at-home methods for determining your ring size, but precision is essential because ring sizes can vary by as much as half a millimetre.

At What Point Should We Take Measures?

The size of our fingers fluctuates throughout the day. Medication, temperature, diet, hormones, water retention, and other factors can all play a role. As a result, we advise taking several measurements of your ring finger throughout the day.

Our dominant hand’s fingers are also, on average, half a size larger than the fingers on our non-dominant hand. That’s why you must measure the finger wearing the ring.

How To Determine Correct Ring Size?

If you want your ring to fit perfectly, it should be snug but not uncomfortable. When you try it on, it should slide over the knuckle but not down your finger. Too loose and the ring will fall off; too narrow will hurt.

Take Your Knuckle for Consideration

Consider your knuckle size when measuring your intended finger. The size of your knuckles can affect how well a ring fits if you have arthritis or another condition. Consequently, it would be best to gauge the distance between the point on your finger where the ring will rest and the tip of your knuckle. Then, pick a size that will go over your knuckles comfortably.

Ring Size Calculation for Wide Bands

In the British and Australian alphabetical ring sizing system, you should go up a full size if you shop for a wide band ring wider than 7 millimetres, or 0.27 inches. So we could get by with a 0.5 increment in the numerical ring size.

Is Your Size Not Listed? What Should You Do?

Women’s ring sizes range from 7 to 10, so it’s not surprising to find a good selection of these sizes at most jewellery stores. There are alternate options if your size is out of stock. If you want to wear the ring on a different finger than the one you measured, go up or down a half size.

There Are Several Techniques For Sizing Rings

String Test Method

If you’re uncomfortable taking chances, this method is not for you. However, having assistance with this would be fantastic what you need: A ruler, pen, paper strip, string or floss and a little free time.

  1. At least 15 cm (6 inches) in length and 0.5 cm (0.25 inches) in width of string/floss or a flexible paper strip should be cut.
  2. Put the string or paper strip around the intended finger’s base. Ensure a comfortable fit without being too tight. Avoid stretching them too much.
  3. Make a mark on the string or paper at the point where it joins, and check that it fits over your knuckle.
  4. The marks can be measured with a ruler.

Measuring Tape Method

  1. Tightly encircle the finger with a string.
  2. Identify the position of the string over the tag.
  3. A ring’s size can be determined by measuring the wearer’s finger against a ruler.

Ring Sizer Method

You can get your ring measuring tool if you need more confidence in the first method’s precision. Next, the finger’s circumference can be measured with a ring sizer, a tool made of plastic or metal. How to Measure Your Belt’s Ring Size with a Plastic Tool:

  1. You can use a ring sizer to determine the correct size for a ring by wrapping it around the knuckle of the finger where the ring will rest and threading the other end of the tool through the buckle. Tighten it up until it fits snugly but comfortably.
  2. Please ensure the ring sizer fits over your knuckle by marking the point where it touches.
  3. The arrow will point to the correct measurement as soon as the ring is properly sized.

Discover your ideal ring size quickly and easily with this convenient set. Easy sizing is ensured by a metal ring loop with size designations stamped directly onto the rings. You need only try on a few rings until you find one that is a good fit. Then, please write down the size that’s printed on it.

Use A Printable Ring Sizer Or A Ruler Method

To determine your ring size, you only need an existing ring that fits you perfectly. If you buy the ring as a gift, this is also a great way to find out the recipient’s size without them knowing. A ruler and some spare time are all that’s required.

  1. A ring you already own can be used to determine your size.
  2. Online, you can find a variety of printable ring sizers. Alternatively, you can download ours and print it out on A4 paper at 100% scale. Then, to determine which of the paper’s circles is the correct size, place an existing ring inside and compare the resulting diameters.

Visit A Jewellery Shop Method

Visit a reputable jewellery store if you still need to figure out your finger size after trying the above methods and have the time to do so. Only ring shopping once you’ve got the exact measurement of the finger getting the ring.


For the most accurate results, take measurements of your finger three or four times at different times of the day and week while your hands are at different temperatures. Alternatively, when purchasing a ring, consider the possibility that it will fit best on your middle finger in the summer but your ring finger in the winter. Your dominant hand probably has slightly larger finger sizes than your non-dominant hand.


How Do I Choose A Diamond Dealer?

Choosing a Verified Diamond Dealer

  • Their Reputation. First things first, check out the dealer’s reputation.
  • Their Diamonds. Next up, and equally as important, is the diamonds themselves.
  • Their Prices.
  • Their Information.
  • Their Staff.
  • Their Returns Policies.
  • Their Conflict-Free Policy.
  • Recommended Dealerships.

What Is The Best Month To Buy Diamonds?

September and October are often the best months to buy an engagement ring. These months are often relatively quieter times for the jewellery industry, meaning some diamond vendors may run promotions to encourage shoppers to buy during the fall season.

How Many Carats Is A Good Diamond?

The range of 1.0 to 1.9 carats is by far the most popular, but there are noticeable peaks at the 0.70 – 0.79 range, the 0.90 – 0.99 range and the 1.50 – 1.59 range. It’s great to see that people take our advice and go for a slightly lighter or heavier diamond than industry cutoff weights to get the best value.

Which Category Of Diamond Is Best?

Flawless is the top grade in the GIA Clarity Grading System. Diamonds graded Flawless don’t have visible inclusions or blemishes when examined under 10-power (10X) magnification by a skilled and experienced grader.

Which Diamond Shape Looks Biggest?

The four shapes that look the largest per carat are (in order of which looks the largest): marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Among these shapes, oval diamonds are a top choice among those who want a classic-style engagement ring, yet want to maximize the size of their engagement ring’s centre diamond.

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