Think you’re ready for an admin certification exam and want to get certified? Here are five tips for passing an admin certification exam.

 1) Learn The Learning Outcomes of the Exam

             One really important thing that will help you pass your admin certification exams is learning what is expected of you on the test. For instance, what topics do they cover? What concepts must be understood to pass it? Do they provide a study guide or reference materials? These things can often be found online.

The nice part about this tip is that it’s so easy! Often, the place where people go wrong with their study habits is not having a good idea of what they need to know and focusing instead on areas outside of what will be on the test. Also, if you get stuck somewhere in your studying, knowing what is expected of you will let you prioritize what topics to focus on more or less depending upon how relevant they are to the exam.

2) Build Your Own Study Guide And Focus On The ‘High-Yield’ Topics

             While some people may tell you that it’s a bad idea to try and study everything or waste time on topics not relevant for exams, this is simply not true. Building your own study guide lets you pick and choose which concepts are important enough for you to go over (and therefore remember) while also leaving some room for subjects that might either be new to you or that lack concise information about them online. If there’s a concept you don’t understand well enough to form one of your own, it’s probably not going to be useful for the test either.

             The nice part about this tip is that it can lead to a very personalized approach to studying and the focus on high-yield topics means less time wasted trying to memorize too many details. Of course, you have to keep in mind that if you’re learning from an online study guide or something similar then it might actually be a good idea to go over other areas that could come up just in case they do. In these cases, personalization comes more from how thoroughly you study rather than what exactly you study.

3) Don’t Rely Solely On Study Guides And/Or Teachers

             While you do want to have a good understanding of how your studying is going and what topics are important, relying solely on study guides or even teachers can be a bad thing. The nice part about this tip is that it encourages self-reliance. If you’re going to rely on someone else’s notes or class then you have no idea if they actually went over the material in the right way for your learning style. In addition, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find a good teacher for whatever certification test you’re taking. 

4) Test Yourself With Past Exams

             Another great tip that can help ensure success with admin certification exams is using past exams as practice tests before the real exam. In fact, if you happen to have a decent understanding of the topics already and just need a little practice before taking your official exam then this is an excellent thing to do. It can also help you identify any areas that you’re weak in that might not be directly apparent from reading a study guide. If this is your plan, though, try to get exams from a number of different sources because they might ask the same questions in a different way or go into more detail on one area than another for instance.

5) Make Sure You Have The Right Gear For Studying

             Lastly, make sure you have all the gear necessary for studying when you try and pass your admin certification tests. That means having enough bookshelves (or study space) for all your reference books and materials, a desk or table of some kind for writing and drawing diagrams (if necessary), any necessary tools like calculators, etc.

             The nice part about this tip is that it can help you get more organized which means taking better notes and more importantly it helps limit distractions while studying. If you have enough room to spread out then you’ll be less tempted to go eat at the kitchen table or check Facebook every ten minutes in between looking stuff up on Google. It might even mean getting rid of potential distractions by putting away things like video games so you’re not tempted when taking breaks from studying. 

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