immigration lawyer in kansas city – Micki Buschart who strives to provide its clients with the highest quality service while maintaining a low cost so they may afford the best possible legal representation.” says Frank Busch, Managing Attorney of Micki Buschart LLC. “We have been in the immigration field for close to twenty years and have grown substantially in experience and competence helping thousands of people to secure their futures and leave their home country.” Frank Busch goes on to say, “The vast majority of clients with our firm come to us because they are either illegally present in the United States or have some type of valid work permit from another country. We represent both the Dream Act and permanent resident status cases with our personal touch.”

As an immigration lawyer in Kansas city, one of your main jobs is to prepare and compile the paperwork involved in the immigration process. Your paperwork will include an application, a physical, medical and financial background check, and a declaration of probable cause. Along with this paperwork is your prepared consultation report which will address all of your client’s specific needs. The consultation report is what you and your client will ultimately hand in to the immigration judge after the hearing.

You can obtain an immigration lawyer in Kansas city, who has specialized in the immigration field by contacting the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality immigration legal assistance to individuals and employers who are interested in pursuing an immigration plan. For more information on finding an immigration lawyer in Kansas city, check out the IRLA website.

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