Many people think that a taxi truck service company must have a fleet of taxis in order to provide the required taxi service to the customers that they serve. However, there are numerous different kinds of taxis available, which would not necessarily need to be part of a fleet of taxis, such as, luxury taxi service, executive taxi service with a return time ideally of two hours and two days, and normal taxi service.

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Taxi drivers have to be licensed to drive a taxi and the license is awarded by the Department of Transportation in each city. Taxi companies have to meet government regulations in terms of vehicle safety, insurance coverage, registration of vehicles and fleet requirements. The vehicle types include, limousines, buses, cars, sedans, and trucks. Each vehicle has an assigned colour or logo on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle and the colours of the vehicle vary depending on the type of service provided. There is a fixed limit to how many vehicles may be parked at one place in the company’s fleet and this number is not to be exceeded without prior permission.

Taxis have to ensure that all their drivers are competent enough to drive the various types of vehicles provided by the company. In most countries, the driving experience is the only prerequisite for a taxi driver’s license.

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