Canon PowerShot A590IS was 2007’s best camera. Yeah, that’s true. There are plenty of reasons to support this statement.

Canon PowerShot A590IS is a camera that can be bought under a $ 150 budget!! This makes it an affordable one. Now, we have to make sure whether it’ a good one or not (affordable – doesn’t mean it is a good one!).


Canon Camera Review

It has the brand name “Cannon” with it. That itself is a recognition for this cool camera. Cannon always comes with some great cameras.

Canon PowerShot A590IS is a 8 mp camera with 4 x optical zoom. With an 8 mp camera, you can do a lot of things. The clarity would be much better. The resolution of the pictures that you take would be perfect for even poster size print outs. Yeah, you can take print outs from the camera directly – for that you need to attach a compatible printing device. And if you are with a printing device, then you are just seconds away from getting the print outs !!! Just press the print/share button – and you’re done.

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