FBE Fusion Bond Epoxy is an outstanding epoxy product that can withstand the harshest conditions in both interior and exterior applications. This epoxy is formulated with an advanced resin compound that allows the product to resist staining and corrosion from high temperatures, acids, oils, alkalis, etc. It can also stand up to high levels of temperature fluctuations, such as a fireplace, a heat gun, or a hot car engine.


In addition, FBE Fusion Bonded Sydney has outstanding chemical resistance properties that means that it is more resistant to mildew than any other form of epoxy. The resins compound has been engineered so that it provides superior chemical barrier protection against acid, alkali, and rust. It also has outstanding toughness properties that enable it to resist cracking, chipping, denting, and chalking on metal surfaces. Because it has this type of outstanding toughness property, FBE is ideal for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Furthermore, it will not degrade the integrity of any composite coatings.

FBE bonded epoxy is a premium grade epoxy that is guaranteed by Fidelity Products. The product is also approved by the ASTM and ISO standards. This product is also safe and highly durable. It is used in the manufacture of concrete and other materials because of its superior strength, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and chemical barriers. With a combination of the superior resins compound and superior durability, FBE Fusion Bond Epoxy is the best choice for a wide range of applications. If you are interested in purchasing FBE Fusion Bond Epoxy, contact a dealer today!

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