Finding Guest Posts Opportunities can be a little difficult. It seems like every blog that I log in to the Internet requires me to post a message in an external blog directory first to be accepted into the blogging community. Finding Guest Posts at Niche Sites There are many niche blogs that have Guest Post Opportunities as part of their blogging landscape, but you also need to think outside of the box and look for blogs that don’t have them.

Guest posts – Get Tons of High-Quality Backlinks

Guest post targets should first be identified. Your first step here is to locate a blog to guest blog at. A good place to begin would be a niche blog that features many different types of bloggers. Here are 7 easy ways to locate blogs that accept guest posts on a consistent basis. Blog Directory. If you have an account with one of the blog directories (e.g. Blogger) then it will probably be able to provide you with a list of blog directories that accept guest posts and offer them as a way to market your own website.

Linking to your Blog Post Target. Another easy way to find these niche blogs is to simply link to their blog post directly from your own website. Many bloggers today prefer to use links in their titles when posting articles so try and make them flow better.

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