Perth has a lot of trees. That much is certain. It also looks like it’s growing by the day too which doesn’t help when you’re looking for somewhere cheap to live or cheap to rent in Perth.

Several things influence the price of having your trees removed, plus there are different methods used in removal. However, one thing remains constant, namely the question ‘how much does it cost to remove trees?’

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 How Much Does It Cost To Remove Trees?

When you start researching this topic, particularly if you want to get rid of some large and/or old trees, then you will quickly discover that the cost of tree removal varies widely between companies locations within Western Australia.

 What might cost $300 to remove in Perth can be twice that price if you were based in Bunbury.

Tree removal costs vary based on size, location, and type of tree. A single mature, healthy tree typically costs between $800 to $3200 while double or triple stump costs between $600 to $900 per stump. Costs vary due to the various equipment used in the process. 

Professional companies are likely to have better equipment which can reduce prices overall. Removing trees by hand is often much more expensive than using machines because it can take several hours per tree. It’s also important for you to think about the location of your trees before having them removed.

 If they’re located close to driving lanes or walking paths, then their removal may require special permits that could increase the cost of the service The potential damage caused by removing a tree can also influence the price. 

For example, a dead tree located close to a building may be hazardous and require removal by a certified arborist who specializes in dangerous tree removal. In this case, you will have to pay more money for the service.

Checking Licensure and Insurance

Before you hire any company or contractor check that they are licensed and insured (WA). This is very important since it protects your property if there were any damages during the process of removing trees. Also, make sure that they own all the necessary equipment before getting started with work; otherwise, you might need to hire different companies and pay more money at the end (Perth).

Examine the Location

Last but not least: before digging any holes yourself make sure that there aren’t any hidden electric or water lines hidden in the ground. Hiring a professional arborist to examine the location of your trees can be a good idea if you’re not experienced in this field of work.  

Removal Method

The method used will also affect the price of removal. If you want to be able to plant your garden again without the hassle of digging out multiple stumps, then you might elect for grinding. However, this is more time consuming than just cutting down the tree and taking off the largest branches. 

You could pay around $750 whereas stump removal could cost up to $1000 – although some companies may offer a cheaper rate if you have several trees that need removing.

Usually, a quote will include a range within which they believe the final sum will fall, depending on how long it takes them and what exactly needs doing. There’s no point asking ‘how much does it cost to remove trees?’ without specifying whether they are small or big, young or old. 

This is where a good company will give you a quote based on the smallest details of your request – they know how to work out what it’ll cost and tell you ‘how much does it cost to remove trees’ before they even start.

Usually, this means that if you choose them for removal, then there won’t be any nasty surprises like having to pay extra fees after the fact. 

However, some companies may charge extra for hazardous trees and others will not include stump grinding in their fee (which can sometimes add up to $400+ onto the price).

Other Costs

When removal has been completed, most companies also offer tree mulching services at an additional rate. They can mulch the trees and use them as free fertilizer for your garden. 

This is a great way to save costs where possible and you can be sure that there won’t be any large piles of stumps left around the place.

Finally, you may find after all this has been done, that there’s still some leftover material such as branches and twigs. Most companies will offer to take these away as well – just ask at the point of quote.

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