Wedding DJ

Your wedding DJ is going to do more than just play music during your wedding reception. Your wedding day is a special day and the music you choose to play will make this day even more memorable for everyone. Choosing the perfect music for your wedding is a big decision, and not one to take lightly. Your DJ can make the choice easier for you by giving you some great suggestions based on years of experience!

The first thing your DJ is going to ask you for is input about what kind of music you want for your wedding. The best way to get your answers to all of these questions is through a consultation with your DJ. During this consult you should sit with your dj and show him or her the tracks that have been played during past receptions, including those that are similar to yours in style and tone. Your DJ should also listen to some of the music that has been played during your mother’s and grandmother’s weddings, as well as the music which is being played at your venue. Once you have heard what the general style of music is, you can start to narrow down the choices. If your venue features an audio equipment store, your DJ may be able to take some samples home and analyze them, which will help him or her to recommend the most suitable sound equipment for your wedding.

The next step in hiring the right wedding dj is to create a business plan. Your doing business plan should include details about the amount of revenue which you expect to make annually, your ideal number of guests, and any licenses or permits that you may need in order to carry out your activities legally. By following this advice you will make sure that the perfect dj is hired for your special day.

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