Professional piano moving melbourne offers a comprehensive range of piano moving service including:

piano moving melbourne

Piano Removal: This is a service that is used to remove a grand piano from its place of storage or from one location to another without damaging the instrument. A professional piano moving company has special equipment that helps to lift and transport the piano safely, without causing any damage to it. There are different methods available for lifting and transporting the instrument. There are some special tools and equipment required to lift a piano like a crane, a pallet lift or a pallet jack. This type of equipment is provided by the movers as part of the package when you hire them. They have special equipment for lifting the instrument without making any damage to it. Some companies also provide special tools to move pianos on top of the floor or on a pallet.

A professional piano moving melbourne

Instrument Transporting: There are many types of moving and transporting techniques available for transporting an instrument to another place. These include: Long distance moving. This involves a large number of people. In this method, the instrument is moved by large trucks across the country or across the state. However, in this method, the instrument has to be moved with a lot of care, since it will be under heavy weight. The people involved in transporting an instrument like this include: drivers, assistants, mechanics, and others. This type of service is quite expensive as compared to moving a small sized instrument like a piano.

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