The Vipp office bin stand is both suitable for the house and for office spaces. The office bin boasts a robust metal structure and highly durable rubber coated in a classic design. It is made of high quality steel, making it an extremely strong and stable stand to use. You can place it just about anywhere in your office space, where it will remain hidden and secure, out of sight, out of mind.

For the Modern Office


The office bin comes with three compartments, each with its own hidden metal ring keeps it stable. One compartment is used for placing files and the other two are made to hold paper. A thin metal line separates them, so that the documents on one side do not fall into the other. This makes the office bin extremely discreet, making you forget that you even have it in the first place.

The metal casters are highly flexible, making it easy to move the office bins from one place to another. It also has four hidden metal rings that keep the bins stable and firmly in place. The drawers also have rubber wheels that ensure that they slide easily. The drawers slide out from the sides and the top. They are accessible from three different sides, which make it very convenient to reach any document or paper. The drawers are available in several sizes to accommodate papers of different sizes.

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