Spirulina is an algae-like alga that can be eaten by animals and humans. There are five species of this alga which include the blue-green, black, yellow, brown, and white spirulina varieties. They are often used to supplement diets for people who want to improve their health but have not yet found a product that works for them. Find out kyanosfarms.com

Spirulina – A Powerhouse Health Food

Spirulina has been around for several years now in some forms as a dietary supplement and has been in the news recently for some positive benefits it has had on human beings. There are two species of spirulina which are the purple-blue and the black. The two types are Aphyllia maxima, Aphyllia black, and Arthrospira fusiformis. It is also found in other colors such as pale blue, pink, purple, and green.

Spirulina’s main ingredients are the cyanobacterial (cyan) plasma and the sulfur-containing alkyl sulfides. The cyanobacterial plasma is found naturally in the water, soil, oceans, and lakes. This is the active ingredient in the product. The sulfur-containing alkyl sulfides help to eliminate free radicals from the body. These are substances that cause the body to damage itself and the healthy cells. If they are present in high enough levels, they can cause cell death and cancerous growths. Sulfur helps to fight these things.

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